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Tundavala Gap

The Tundavala Gap is the edge of a massive escarpment that lies not far outside Lubango. The top lies at around 7,200ft, while the valley floor is around 3,200 feet, so as you can imagine the drop off is quite impressive.

tundavala gap dan edge 320x480

Right on the edge

tundavala gap jeep camping 720x480

Camping right near the edge of the gap

The views are spectacular, and I can’t help getting too close to the edge more than once. It’s becoming quite the habit.

tundavala gap rock sunset 720x480

Sunset over the rocks

tundavala gap sunrise back view 720x480

Looking back towards camp after a long morning hike

tundavala gap sunrise walk 720x480

I walk to the edge of this photo to stretch my legs in the morning

We make camp right near the gap and I hike far into the distance at sunrise and again at sunset, stretching my legs and soaking in the scenery. Nights are cold enough to make me pull out the down jacket I have not used for a long time. It’s covered in a layer of red dust, though still keeps me toasty warm.

tundavala gap sunrise 720x480


tundavala gap sunset 720x480

Sunset is spectacular

tundavala gap view at sunrise 720x480

The whole area at sunrise

tundavala gap 720x480

The gap itself, which I scrambled all over

There is nothing better than coffee at sunrise.

This place is magic.


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  1. garnet says:

    we were just there. as magnificent as your pictures are, it’s even more spectacular in real life

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