The Belize Zoo

I’m normally not much of a zoo person, though the story behind The Belize Zoo is pretty cool. None of the animals has been taken from the wild, they have all been rescued from people trying to keep them as pets, or bred in captivity. The zoo only has animals native to Belize, and there are plenty of exotic things I’ve never seen before. It receives no funding of any kind and is run entirely from donations and entrance fees. The entire place has a really laid back feel, all the signs are hand painted and often have rhyming slang and other funny things to keep it interesting.

We spend a couple of hours wandering around taking it all in, sharing the entire zoo with maybe ten other visitors. It’s a really special place so I’ll let the photos do the talking.

spider monkey 360x480

Spider Monkey swinging through the trees

puma 360x480

I'm happy about the fence keeping the Puma at bay

tapir 640x480

I've never seen anything like a Tapir

red lorred parrot 600x480

These parrots are amazingly bright

ocelot 640x480

The Ocelot was taking a nap

keel billed tucan 640x480

The tucans were really cool

jaguar 640x480

That would be a jaguar asleep in a tree

huge bird 360x480

By far the biggest bird I have ever seen

gandhi quote 640x480

A great quote


11 Responses

  1. David says:

    Fantastic pictures Dan!

  2. Kris says:

    The Tucans look bizarre! Do you know what kind of Eagle that other bird is?

  3. Judy Villeneuve says:

    Hi Dan! We just got your card and have been really enjoying your website. The weather in Nanaimo has been nice and warm(ish) but raining a lot too — not quite the 35-40 degrees you are enjoying there. Love these shots from the zoo. You are giving us lots of vacation ideas. You know Talie is in South America? Maybe you’ll hook up. She has a blog going as well. All the best, Judy Kirby & Kasey

    • Dan says:

      Hey Villeneuve crew! I’m happy to hear you got my card, I was beginning to think they were lost in the either.
      The pics of your guys skating on the lake were awesome. I completely forgot what winter was like and had to think about it for a new minutes :)
      I’ve been reading Tallie’s blog, and I’m not sure how long she’s down this way for, I’ll ask.
      Take care!

  4. Brian12566 says:

    Great pictures Dan! Thanks for sharing. Looks like my office. Ha ha ha get it? Because….it….is…a…zoo. Sorry…I will show myself out.

  5. Blake says:

    I went to the Belize Zoo a couple years back, it appears the signs haven’t changed! My friend almost got peed on by the Tapir when we went there, and the ocelot acts much like a kitten when awake (rubbing up against the fence). Just wanted to leave a comment, following your trip intently! Found your blog from a posting on

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