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Rendezvous Fireworks 2 0

Fireworks Photography 2

Dan again experimenting with his camera, taking photos of the annual rendezvous fireworks in Whitehorse

Northern Lights 1

Timelapse Yukon Spring 2014

After a lot of thinking and dreaming, I bought myself a new DSLR camera and fancy lens. I also picked up an Intervalometer so I can do some tricky time lapses. I recently made...

Dan pondering life at the Arctic Ocean 0

Professional Arctic photos

When I made the trip out to the Arctic Ocean I happened to meet a really cool guy, Ben Huff. Ben is a professional photographer writing a book about the Dalton Highway and the...

7 - Compilation 0

Lunar Eclipse

I had to try and get some good shots with the new camera. It’s a Fuji S6000FD. I still havn’t gotten around to buying a tripod, so I had to resort to resting it...

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