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  1. Pieter Jooste says:

    Hi There. I live in Johannesburg and is a member of the Jeep club there. Contact me when you get there, I work in Tanzania, Town called Morogoro, have a workshop here. You can contact me when you come thru here as well on the way to Dar es Salaam.

  2. rj crawford says:

    We have added you to our Military Living website so our readers can follow your blog. I also teach a blogging class to a group of girls in Kampala Uganda, they would like to invite you to dinner so they can hear about your trip. Regards
    RJ Crawford President Military Living

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi RJ,

      Thanks very much for the heads up and coverage. Let me know if there is anything more I can supply.
      It would be a pleasure to meet your blogging class in Uganda – I will absolutely get in touch when I’m getting closer (likely near the end of 2017)


  3. Reinaldo says:

    You are AMAZING :))))

  4. Golnaz says:

    Hi, Dan

    My name is Golnaz . I am from Kashmar in province khorasan Razavi in IRAN. I Invite you in KASHMAR. I am happy to come KASHMAR and get to know this historical city .

    Have good time

  5. Michael says:

    Got your link from imgur. You are such a cool cat! Stay safe!

  6. Lester Whitt says:

    I’m an expat living in Luanda, Angola with a welder and a decent cache of tools. If you need anything or just want to have some dinner, drop me an email and we’ll (wife +5 kids) have you over, work on the truck, help you resupply, whatever.

    Safe travels!

  7. Hi Dan,
    Do i understand correctly that the road between Leconi in Gabon and Oyo/Okoyo in Congo-Brazzaville is completely paved now? I am planning to travel that road, but without own transport. Did you see many vehicles there, or motorbikes?

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Rutger,

      Yes, the road is completely paved, basically brand new and in very good condition. You could drive the whole thing (and all the way to Brazzaville then Pointe-Noire) with cruise control at 100km/h.
      There were not a lot of vehicles going across the border, but I’m sure there is some local transport in the area if you ask around!

      Good luck and have fun!

  8. Alan Dobinson says:

    Hi Dan,

    I was planning to cross from Nigeria in Cameroon at the Ekok border in 4 days (driving through Nigeria now) and this is now closed. I would really love to use the northern track that you took and would you be able to email me some useful GPS or track information please?

    I’ve purchased your ebook and its full of accurate and relevant information – the best source of info we have had since leaving Spain.

    Cheers Alan

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Alan,

      Wow, interesting to hear the Ekok border is closed. Is that because Cameroon is more-or-less closed, or for some other reason?
      I drove North to Takum (spent the night there) then went South and East to the border crossing at Bissaula, and then onto the ring road in Cameroon. The road is now shown in Open Street Map – search for “Takum, Nigeria” and you’ll see what I mean!
      You can also load those maps into your Garmin GPS if you have one.
      Good luck, I would love to hear back how is the road and how you make out!


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