Comments make for a very happy Dan

Reading books by Ted Simon, Bruce Kirkby and Jon Krakauer gave me the courage, inspiration and determination to actually live my dreams, not just dream them.
Early on during my planning and organization I very clearly remember thinking that after the whole journey was done, if I could inspire just one person to get out and live their dreams, like my idols did for me, it would all be worthwhile.

The comments posted on this site have completely blown me away to the point that when I wake up in the morning I have to wonder if I’m dreaming.
“Are people really reading my blog and being inspired by it?” is something I still can’t believe on a daily basis.

Reading comments like the following makes me happier than I’ve ever been in my life, no question.
I don’t stop beaming for days.

Rhieanon wrote:

I just wanted to let you know how truly inspiring your journey is and tell you about the lives you have touched. I’m a 28 year old single mother to a wonderful 4 year old boy (Jacob) living in Wales and your journey is changing our lives. We came to your blog after the Magic Bus post, I had seen the film into the wild and wanted to know more. This led us to you and we haven’t looked back since.I read your blog to Jacob and we follow your progress on the map, imagining that we too are on a great adventure. You are an inspiration to my little boy who tells all his little friends about “the man in the computer”. I just wanted you to know that you and your journey have touched a little boys heart and opened up his mind to new possibilities. We wish you well on your adventure and will continue to follow your journey. xx Rhi and Jakes

brian12566 wrote:

Just found your blog today. Awesome idea! I printed out the map above and like Liz, posted it on the office wall. I am a cop with the NYPD and all the cops in the office are following your adventure, living vicariously through you. Thank you for taking us out of Manhattan! Go! Dan! Go!

Comments make me believe I really can do this more than you guys will ever know.

Thank you to everyone that has posted a comment here. I really appreciate it.

I’ve added a few things to the site recently that I want to point out. In the sidebar on the right hand side, there are two new sections; “Recent Comments” shows snippets of the five most recent comments on the site and “Top Commenters” shows the people that have posted the most comments for the current month.  Hopefully this will make it easier for you all to keep up with the comments.

I’ve also added a new page across the top, “Thanks” which is an attempt to thank all of the people who have helped me live my dreams. I couldn’t’ do this without their help and support.

If you’ve been reading this blog and haven’t left a comment yet, I urge you to do so – good, bad or otherwise I love to hear from everyone out there. What do you think about my trip? my writing? my photos?
What would you do differently?
What are you doing to make your dreams come true?

I also try my absolute best to reply to every single comment, so if you ever do leave one, remember to check back for my reply.

dan jeep map 640x480

Proudly with the ever growing yellow line...

aka. The Man In The Computer simple smile

19 Responses

  1. Liz says:

    Every time I read Rhieanon’s comment I get goosebumps. Has to be one of my favourites too. Will meet you some where at some stage in this. I can’t wait to be part of such an adventure.

  2. Jessie says:


    The only suggestion I can make really is that you add more pictures if it isn’t too much trouble. Most of us will never get to see these amazing places so we have to live vicariously through your travels and photos. It certainly brings a ray of sunshine to a rather eventless desk job. Other than that, everything else has been a blast to follow thus far, I am always eagerly awaiting your next installment while I plot my ‘escape’. Keep up the good work and good luck!

    • Dan says:

      Jessie, I actually take about 5 times more photos than I post, I just cull it down to the best of the best. I could certainly add more.
      Maybe I’ll try for a “gallery” type thing of extra photos.. hmm.
      Thanks for the suggestion and good luck with the escape :)

  3. Rhieanon says:

    Just read this now and could practically cry.Jacob is home from school at the moment sick but I just showed him this and got the only smile I’ve had for two days out of him!For that I can’t thank you enough.We love following what you are doing and tell everyone we know they should follow you to.Its amazing and it is inspiring on so many different levels.My son thinks your a hero and following your journey has opened up a whole new world of infinite possibilities to him. We may never make it to the magic bus or bathe in hot springs but seeing the fantastic pictures you have taken and reading the vivid descriptions you write have opened us up to the fact that there is so much more “out there” than we have ever pushed ourselves to imagine.I meant it when I said your journey is changing lives.We all have dreams and aspirations and often its our fear that holds us back.I made a promise to myself and my little man the day we stumbled across your blog that I would never let fear hold either of us back ever again.Thank you for being brave enough to follow your dream and allowing others such as Jacob and I to come along for the ride.We may not be there in body but we certainly are in spirit.xxRhi and Jakes

    • Dan says:

      Rhi and Jakes,
      Having you guys behind me helps me get past the fear and do it!
      “Beyond fear lies freedom” is something I’ve been saying out loud to myself whenever doubt begins to creep in.
      Thanks again,

  4. Rita says:

    I may just join Liz when she comes out to do part of the trail with you – I love reading about it.

  5. Chris says:

    Hey Dan,

    I discovered this about 2 weeks ago after looking up more on the magic bus, and then lost it. It took me a day of googling to stumble on it again, and I started reading from day 1 of this jaunt you’re on.

    Chris McCandless may have been my spark for wanting to escape, but I think reading you’re blog has definately been the oxygen to help the flame grow. It’s amazingly strange, I did the computing degree too, and turned out to be one of your friends who frantically applied for jobs, wanting to get into the circle and repetition of ‘life’, that fear of not knowing where the future lies. I have to admit, these last few weeks, I think I’d seen that not knowing where the future lies is the actual adventure!

    I’m planning to do a few hikes around the Lake District and Snowdonia to start off, but the summer will bring the magic bus, and Alaska. I think it’s time to see where the road might take me.

    Thank you for the inspiration.


    • Dan says:

      Chris – great to hear from you man – I’m glad you were able to find The Road Chose Me again. I think so many of us go to university, get a job, house, kids, etc that we actually forget to live – I mean really do things we’ve always wanted to do and live to the fullest. Once you get going man, it’s way easier than you think it’s going to be :) get out there!

  6. San says:

    I just came across your site when I was on the “Into the Wild” wiki site. What you’re doing is an inspiration and I wish you safe travels!

  7. Brian12566 says:

    Thanks for including all of us from the office! Man I wish I was with you I need to get out of the city. I too am lost in the job,house, kids routine. Wish I could pack a Jeep up and drive somewhere…probably North to Vermont and onto Canada…but that has to wait another 6 years until I retire….

    • Dan says:

      Even still, pack the Jeep and get out for the weekends and holidays – take a leave from work or see if you can do some kind of reduced pay deal. It really is a life choice if you want to work more or have more life time.

      • brian12566 says:

        I hear ya…Problem is right now there is more than one life involved in the life-choices I make ya know? I do want to have more life time, but I also want my daughter to have medical insurance and food on the table. So for now, like you said-it is weekends and holiday camping trips only. 6 years (until retirement)goes by fast. Remember high school? That is what? 4 years..and that flew by…at least that is what I keep telling myself. :-)

        • Dan says:

          yeah, you’re totally right about affecting more than one life.
          The best way I’ve found to make this all happen is just to want less.
          For example do you actually need a big screen TV and cable if you’re outdoors living all the time? Take the money you save and put it directly towards doing stuff, not just stuff.
          It looks like I’ll be coming to NYC in about a month too, we should go for a beer somewhere :)

  8. Chris says:

    Stumbled upon your site while looking for hotsprings in the Pemberton Region, I have an Xterra 4×4, but alas due to the whole working in Vancouver grind,like most SUV drivers really only use it to it’s full potential once in awhle. I used to be a ski patroller, and liftee, but now I work in a different field.

    My motto has always been “If you can’t find something new to do in a playground this big, you’re doing something wrong” but I haven’t really followed it the past couple years, since breaking my leg, and becoming less active during the recovery time.

    Thanks to you, that’s gonna change. My girlfriend and I have taken to doing mini adventures on weekends, going out and playing in the local area, so next adventure we take is gonna be Sloquot, and St. Agnes’ Pools. So thanks for writing, and inspiring me to travel a little bit more, and get out there.

    Maybe I’ll start a little blog of my own…

    All the best on the rest of your journey, and I’m sure you get this everywhere from everyone, but if you find yourself back in Vancouver someday, I’d love to buy you a beer.


    Abbotsford, BC

    • Dan says:

      Hey Chris,
      Wow, thanks for the comment man, I’m on cloud nine right now :)
      I’ve been thinking so much about BC lately.. maybe I had to leave to truly appreciate how wonderful it is. Mountains. Four Seasons. Amazing snowboarding. Hot Springs. Cool People. Stacks of wildlife…..
      Something tells me I’ll be back at some point!
      If you do start that blog please let me know the address, I’d love to read about amazing BC and live through your photos.
      All the best & enjoy!

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