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Central Gabon

A move South in Gabon, until I am almost at the Southern border with the Republic of Congo. I have enjoyed my time here so much I don’t want to leave yet, and so swing North and East, aiming to cut directly through the middle of the country. My map and GPS show the road I aim for as a major highway, and major highways in Gabon have been great, so I expect it shouldn’t take to long.

gabon roads 720x480

At times I follow a perfect gravel road

gabon roadside camping 720x480

Camping wherever I can get off the road

After half an hour of pavement I am confused when I turn off onto a tiny potholed dirt road. A local taxi driver sees my confusion and confirms this is actually the road I want when I say the name of a town shown on my map. Oh well, this must be it.

What follows is three days and two nights of bumping along a tiny gravel road, cutting right through the mountainous region of Gabon. Each night I simply drive until I am exhausted, and find a place off the road to setup camp. For the three days I only see a handful of vehicles, always clustered around the little villages I pass through. The road is already impressive (though old and maintained) and I am staggered to see teams of Chinese surveyors walking the roads taking line-of-sight measurements and readings. I can only assume a massive upgrade is in the works.

gabon road jeep 720x480

The rainy season here is intense!!

gabon muddy road jeep 320x480

Occasional mud pits kept things interesting

gabon jungle jeep 720x480

Roaming in the jungle

At times the road is amazing, at times it degrades into a muddy slip-n-slide. At more than a few river crossings I wonder if I will be able to continue, and always find a way across on everything from concrete bridges built with a major highway in mind all the way down to a pile of sticks and logs.

gabon jeep stick bridge 720x480

Surely this pile of logs is strong enough…

gabon jeep bridge 720x480

Another impressively hand-made bridge

Unfortunately, the tiny biting bugs have persisted, and on consecutive nights I have to dive into the Jeep at 7pm and zip up all the mesh windows, turning the inside into a sweltering hot box. At times monkeys dart across the road, though I don’t see anything bigger.

gabon cutting grass 720x480

Gabon is the first country I have seen where people tend to gardens

gabin searching for campsite jeep 720x480

Getting off a road to find a campsite

I am extremely happy I chose to get off the major North/South highway and explore off the path in Gabon!

gabon sunset1 720x480

Sunsets continue to impress


8 Responses

  1. Daniel Szumilas says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of driving lately. It’s is interesting how the gravel is reddish there, maybe because of the soul? I would definitely be worried leaving the Jeep on the bridges to grab pictures but they are probably sturdier than they look.

    Anyways, keep going and I’m rooting for you.

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hey Daniel,

      Gabon looks small on maps, but I can assure you it is not!
      Yes, the bridges are stronger than they look, and I also often put the camera on a tripod with a remote shutter release and drive over…


  2. Lou amorim says:

    As a Wrangler owner and world traveller myself I am truly enjoying following your adventures. Sadly my Wrangler only sees pavement. Stay safe!

  3. Dave says:

    Hi Dan,

    Just cruised by and really enjoying reading about your trip. It looks a little hairy in places and being on your own you really need to get a winch. I don’t do any mud stuff to speak up but a fair amount of Empty Quarter & Liwa Oasis desert driving solo so never go out without a winch and sand anchor.
    I am in Abu Dhabi in the UAE and also a Jeep Wrangler guy so if you drift off course in Africa and end up in the UAE I can give you my old warn winch but you have to get here before one of the other Abu Dhabi 4×4 dune bashers claims it.
    Anyway looks like a great trip and keeping writing posts and taking great photographs and stay safe.

    Cheers Dave

  4. Dave says:

    Opps I see you do have a winch! Good to see that!

    Cheers Dave

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