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Into Costa Rica 10

Into Costa Rica

One of the backpackers from Isla Ometepe, Mike, is heading south with basically the same plan as me, so he jumps in the Jeep and we make our way to the border crossing at...

The lake in the crater of Volcan Madera 8

Isla De Ometepe

I really don’t know what else to see & do in Nicaragua so I ask a few locals and fellow travelers and everyone agrees Isla Ometepe is a must see. The island sits in...

The sunset at Playa Madera 11

Leòn, San Juan del Sur & Playa Madera

I wake in Leòn and decide to spend a lazy day around the city, taking in the sights and enjoying not driving. I spend most of the morning trying to buy a map of...

Welcome to Nicaragua 4

Into Nicaragua

Before crossing the actual border I decide to mingle with some Hondurans and so sit down in a little cafe for lunch. I order tacos, which turn out to be the delicious rolled hard...

The beautiful mountains of Honduras 4

Across Honduras

I’ve driven only a few kilometers into Honduras when I see some military guys stand up from the shade of a tree and wave me down, obviously waiting for a tourist to come along....

Camping in the mountains of El Salvador, by the Rio Sapo 14

Into Honduras

It’s finally time to leave The Surfers Inn at Playa El Sunzal, and even the Jeep is reluctant to move on – she has a flat battery from all the laptop charging I’ve been...

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