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The little valley I called home for a couple of days 2

High in the Peruvian Andes

Looking at a rough map, I figure I can drive over Portachuelo pass (4767m), through a couple of small towns on the Eastern side of the Andes, and back over Punta Olimpica (4890m), to...

Mountains in all directions 12

Laguna 69

I make a short hop South to Huascarán National Park and camp right at the base of the mountains, eager to climb higher and improve my view. I make an early start and hike...

My HDR attempt at the lake 9

Laguna Parón

After arriving in Carez and getting some local information I decide to day hike the sights in the Cordillera Blanca, partly as training for what is to come, and partly because I’m lazy and...

It starts out nice and mellow... 4

The Rio Santa Road

On the advice of a fellow overlander, JF, I take a back road up into the mountains following The Rio Santa. For anyone driving through this area, absolutely take JF’s advice and drive this...

Pure madness 11

Mummies, Mountain Roads & A Rude Awakening

A little further south I stop in at the Leimebamba Museum, where mummies found at the nearby, very famous, Laguna de los Cóndores are now on display. I’m happy to see the entire museum...

The enormous perimeter wall 4


By far the biggest and best preserved site in the whole Chachapoyas area is the ancient city of Kuélap, perched high on a mountaintop with commanding views on all sides. It’s quite an effort...

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