Cameroon Mountain Wanderings

I continue to put around The Ring Road, stopping in small towns and villages to checkout the history and culture, before re-supplying and camping each night among the mountains and huge eucalyptus trees.

cameroon military man dan 320x480

Cameroon military – skeptical at first always turn out to be friendly

cameroon jeep jungle 720x480

Losing elevation brings me into the jungle

cameroon men repairing truck 720x480

Repairing a truck on the side of the road

cameroon meat 720x480

This is how I buy meat. It’s always extremely fresh

cameroon king 320x480

One of the kings of the region

Every town and village is bursting with history and culture – from the empires that ruled here for centuries. All have extremely large palaces, museums and beautifully decorated buildings. Often the buildings have ornately carved sculptures and pillars depicting scenes from an earlier time.

cameroon carved pillar 320x480

Carvings on the wooden pillars

cameroon carved pillar close 320x480

Detail carvings

I camp a night at the Botanic Gardens just outside the regional capital of Bamenda, and I am extremely happy to see how well maintained and cared for the whole grounds are. There are many signs and displays depicting the world today, and how peace needs to be the goal of all humanity. I really like it here.

cameroon botanic gardens 720x480

The beautiful botanic gardens

cameroon botanic gardens world explained 720x480

How the world is today

The haze of Harmattan continues to obscure the best of the views, though it’s obvious the mountains around here are extremely impressive and ever-present.

cameroon mountains haze 720x480

Mountains and haze

cameroon broken bridge 720x480

Slightly sketchy bridge

cameroon food is ready 720x480

Food is Ready has become my favorite sign! Bush meat could be anything.


3 Responses

  1. Carla says:

    What kind of meat is “bush” meat? For some reason I imagine it to be Ox or something similar, or is it just plain old cow? The bones seem too large to be donkey, lamb, sheep or goat.

    • Dan Grec says:


      Likely anything that moves. Bat, monkey, rat, goat, basically whatever people can go and kill and eat.

      The photo of the guy cutting up meat is a cow, not really “bush meat”


  1. June 26, 2017

    […] Sleeping through the night is a novelty! Also, the people are fantastic! Read more here: Cameroon Mountain Wanderings | The Road Chose Me Sooner or later I will have to drop back down to sea level.. it's going to be a shock! […]

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