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Beautiful turquoise pool 13

Yellowstone National Park

I spend another chilly night in Idaho, this time clearly below freezing as indicated by the chunks of ice in my water bottles. I am pleasantly surprised by the beautiful fall day – the...

The view while soaking = amazing 3

Goldbug (Elk Bend) Hot Spring

Of course I choose to keep going North, snow or no snow I’ve been told by many different people about Goldbug (Elk Bend) Hot Spring and I’ve seen enough pictures and heard many stories...

The mighty Sawtooth Mountains 8

Idaho Hot Springs Pt. 3

In the morning I struggle to unzip the fly on my tent.. the zippers seem to be sticking for some reason. It hits me like a slap in the face when I realize what’s...

Riverside soaking is the way at Sacajawea Hot Spring 4

Idaho Hot Springs Pt. 2

The next morning the weather is a bit cooler, just perfect for hot springing. I had planned on driving further up the same road past Rocky Canyon, where there is a string of hot...

The choices are hard to beat at Rocky Canyon Hot Spring 12

Idaho Hot Springs Pt. 1

Moving along I find myself at Skinnydipper Hot Spring, with a brutal half mile hike basically straight up. It’s about 85 degrees and the trail is rocky and dusty – not the best weather...

Hells Canyon 0

Hot Spring Hunting in Idaho

I feel such a connection to people these days I get a bit choked up saying goodbye to Jeff and Andee. I’ve always found goodbyes pretty crappy and this one is no different. Driving...

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