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Contact Page -- PHP submission and validation.

A commercial website designed by Bari and coded by me.
CSS gives the layout (inc. transparent png’s in IE 6) and PHP gives some user-definable content.

tlr 1 large 150x150 tlr 2 large 150x150 tlr 3 large 150x150

A website to showcase Bari’s design talent.
Bari and I worked together on the site; Bari the design, Dan the code.

HTML and Cascading Style Sheets were the go, with JavaScript for friendly navigation & display of images.

barisimon 1 large 150x150 barisimon 2 large 150x150 barisimon 3 large 150x150

Health Select Pro

A custom program written by myself and my business partner Pete.
It’s a JAVA Swing GUI designed as a user-friendly databse front-end.
HSPro uses JGoodies and GridLayout for all the GUI prettyness & Hibernate to persist JAVA objects in a Postgres Db.

Having never before used Hibernate, JGoodies, GridLayout, or produced a “pretty” JAVA GUI, I didn’t stop learning during the entire project.

When I took these screenshots I didn’t have a database setup, so alot of the fields are empty that would otherwise be populated.

hspro 1 large 150x150 hspro 2 large 150x150 hspro 6 large 150x150
hspro 10 large 150x150 hspro 11 large 150x150

A commercial website written by myself and my business partner Pete.
Written in PHP to allow for dynamic content and data submission.
Styled using Cascading Style Sheets.

emdr 1 large 150x150 emdr 2 large 150x150 emdr 3 large 150x150
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